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Videotapping Labrynth

Cintia Cabib is currently producing Labyrinth Journeys, a documentary which will feature people who use labyrinths in several different settings and explore the effect this circular pathway has on their lives. Labyrinth Journeys will also trace the history of this ancient structure and symbol, which is still relevant and widely used today. Learn more about the labyrinths that will be featured in the film and see photos in this Huffington Post article written by Cintia.

A Community of Gardeners

Cintia Cabib’s documentary, A Community of Gardeners, is available for purchase on DVD. The film explores the vital role of seven community gardens in Washington, D.C. as sources of fresh, nutritious food, outdoor classrooms, places of healing, links to immigrants’ native countries, centers of social interaction, and oases of beauty and calm in inner-city neighborhoods. The documentary also traces the history of community gardens in the United States, from the potato patch farms of the late 19th century, to the victory gardens of World War II, to community gardening’s current renaissance.

The DVD includes the bonus film A Garden Grows at 13th and C Streets. See how neighborhood residents and government officials transform a vacant lot in Washington, D.C. into a community park and garden.

Visit A Community of Gardeners Buy DVD page for purchasing information.


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