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Labyrinth Journeys will feature people who use labyrinths in several different settings and explore the effect this circular pathway has on their lives.  The documentary will also trace the history of this ancient structure and symbol, which is still relevant and widely used today.  Learn more about the labyrinths that will be featured in the film and see photos in this Huffington Post article written by Cintia Cabib.

A Community of Gardeners
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2011 60 minutes

An outdoor classroom, an oasis of peace in an inner-city neighborhood, a link to an immigrant’s homeland: the roles of seven Washington, D.C. community gardens are as varied as the gardeners themselves. Meet them and visit their plots in "A Community of Gardeners." The documentary has aired on public television stations nationwide and has been purchased by non-profit organizations, government agencies, schools, public libraries, colleges and universities, and individuals. Click here to visit the Web site and to learn how you can purchase the DVD.

“Delightful…a valuable resource for those considering implementing a similar project.”
 - Dwain Thomas, School Library Journal

“Highly recommended.”
- F. Gardner, Video Librarian

“’A Community of Gardeners’ makes an excellent case for the value of community garden projects by showing their impact in several urban settings.”
- Jessica Isler, Educational Media Reviews Online

“Informative and motivating, this well-organized program may inspire others to undertake similar endeavors in their communities.”
 - Nancy McCray, Booklist

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WHO Farm Bus
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The White House Organic Farm Project

2009 3 minutes

After visiting 25 states in an upside-down double-decker school bus with a rooftop garden, Daniel Bowman Simon and Casey Gustowarow of the White House Organic Farm Project arrive in Washington, D.C. to petition the 44th President of the United States to plant an organic farm on the White House lawn.

Animated Poems
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Animated Poems
click to see two animated poems

2008 23 minutes

“Animated Poems” reveals the process behind the creation of three student-animated videos illustrating poems written by Paint Branch High School students in Burtonsville, Maryland. The documentary shows the student animators creating hundreds of drawings, the poets recording their work in the school’s radio station, and the school’s jazz band performing the videos’ musical soundtracks. The documentary concludes with the three animated poems, "Swing, Scat, Scamper," "When My Hot Green Moon Froze," and “Sweet Dreams."

"Animated Poems" aired on the Montgomery County Public Schools Instructional Television channel in November 2008.

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2007 29 minutes

A young man and woman who are HIV-positive, an HIV/AIDS youth counselor, a college student and a health educator share their views and their personal stories in this video produced for the African American Health Program.  They explain how protecting yourself, knowing your HIV status, talking to your partner and loving yourself all contribute to HIV/AIDS prevention.  The program presents basic HIV/AIDS facts and an HIV test demonstration.  Animations created by Leila Cabib introduce each segment.

Award: CINE Golden Eagle Award, 2008.

Read the Gazette article, “Documentary aims to educate young blacks about HIV,” March 4, 2009.

Beat Diabetes
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2006 60 seconds each

Produced for the African American Health Program, these two live action/animation spots encourage viewers to enroll in diabetes management and prevention programs.  Produced by Cintia Cabib and animator Leila Cabib.

Carousel of Memories
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2005 27 minutes

For generations of Washingtonians, a ride on Glen Echo Park’s Dentzel carousel is a treasured memory. Their recollections evoke the carousel’s many roles over time:  from an amusement park ride, to a symbol for the civil rights movement, to an endangered work of art.

Charming and nicely lensed…A rewarding slice of Americana, this is recommended.”
-Jane Reed, Video Librarian

As well as being rich in historical information and meaningful interviews, there is never a moment wasted on screen…'Carousel of Memories' is a must own for anyone who has ever had the pleasure of visiting Glen Echo Park, as well as any and all carousel enthusiasts.”
-Roland Hopkins, The Carousel News and Trader

“This lovingly prepared documentary reflects on the social, political, and personal events surrounding the popularity, decline, and rejuvenation of this hallmark of Americana.”
- Dwain Thomas, School Library Journal

“’Carousel of Memories’ is an enjoyable and informative program that explores the enduring hold these rides have on our imaginations.”
- Chad Randl, CRM: The Journal of Heritage Stewardship

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PBS Broadcasts:  WMPT (Maryland Public Television), WHUT (Howard University Television)

Screenings:  Glen Echo Park Visitor Center on Saturdays and Sundays at 11:30 a.m.; Our City Film Festival, 2009; Maryland Film Festival, 2007; D.C. Independent Film Festival, 2007; Fifth Annual Takoma Park Film Festival, 2006.

Award:  2007 Montgomery County Award for Historic Preservation as an outstanding educational history project by Montgomery Preservation, Inc.

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Help yourself to health
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2005 28 minutes

This half-hour video funded by the African American Health Program in Montgomery County, Maryland, combines live action with animation to encourage healthier food choices and physical activity among African Americans. Animated segments created by Leila Cabib.

“It is important for African Americans to see success within their own community.  Viewers are able to see how others were able to work through the process of starting and maintaining healthier habits. The animation added a wonderful, entertaining and humorous touch and the quality of the production is outstanding.”
-Brenda Lockley, Program Manager, African American Health, Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services

girl jumping a rope
click to see three PSAs

2004 60 seconds each

Funded by the African American Health Program in Montgomery County, Maryland, these PSAs encourage African Americans to make exercise a daily part of their routine. A swimmer, jump ropers and aerobic exercise students are featured in three 60-second spots combining animation with live action. 
Co-produced by Cintia Cabib and animator Leila Cabib.

sheep image
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2002 12 minutes

From pig racing to bull riding to the coronation of the fair king and queen, "A Walk Through the Fair" takes viewers on a whirlwind tour of the largest county fair in Maryland.

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baseball player
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2001   10 minutes

An historian, a former player and the athletes’ families recall the experiences of several baseball players who grew up in Montgomery County, Maryland, and rose to the ranks of the Negro Baseball Leagues.  Their words and archival photographs evoke the players’ love of the game and the discrimination they faced when major league baseball was a segregated sport.


1997 14 minutes

High school students with disabilities share their own personal experiences with elementary school students and describe how their participation in a sensitivity-awareness program has helped them overcome challenges in their lives.  Open-captioned for the deaf and hearing-impaired.

Bronze Apple Award : National Educational Media Network Competition, 1997.

Good Garbage drawing GOOD GARBAGE

1996    19 minutes

Live footage, cartoons, a rap song and a folk song combine to show how a curbside recycling program can turn trash into a resource, reduce our reliance on landfills and incinerators and benefit our environment.
Co-produced by Cintia Cabib and Leila Cabib.

“This upbeat program puts a positive spin on the topic for students.” 
-Sue-Ellen Beauregard, Booklist

“The video is well presented, with easy-to-understand explanations and photographs.  I recommend it highly to all interested in the environment.  I showed the video at a Family Science Night for middle school students and their parents, and it received rave reviews from all!”
- Andrea Rose, Science Books and Films

Finalist:  Alliance for Community Media Hometown Video Festival, 1996.

Certificate of Merit:  38th Rochester International Film Festival, 1995. 

Screenings:  Environmental Film Festival, Washington, D.C., 1995;  Glen Echo Park Gallery, Glen Echo, Maryland, as part of the exhibit “Trash Transformations,” 1996.

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1991   28 minutes

Salvadoran teenagers who have left their war-torn country talk about their struggles and experiences as they try to start a new life in the United States. Teachers, mental health professionals and counselors discuss the difficulties these young immigrants face as they learn a new language, work to support their families and deal with the scars of war.

“Here to Stay presents the background and problems of the young Salvadoran immigrants in an unbiased, memorable manner.  Problems of education, work, teen pregnancy and legal status are all clearly presented.  This excellent video shouldn’t be missed.” 
-Holly Stein, Supervisor, ESOL/Language Minority Programs, Prince George’s County Public Schools

“We have decided to incorporate it into our English volunteer teacher training sessions because it gives an excellent orientation to new teachers who will be working with Salvadoran students.”
-Paris Wilson, Director of Adult Programs, Spanish Education Development Center

PBS Broadcasts:  WETA TV 26, WHUT TV 32 and KRCB TV 22

Screenings: San Antonio CineFestival, 1992.

Awards: NEA/AFI Mid-Atlantic Region Media Arts Fellowship, Maryland State Arts Council Fellowship and Arts Council of Montgomery County Fellowship, 1988.

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*Produced as Montgomery Community Television staff member.


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